Zinc Fingers originals (click for lyrics):

Entropy: Atomic Anarchy (get loose, really loose, with this song about disorder)

Let’s Test It! (who needs #alternativefacts when you’ve got the scientific method?)

Stuck on You (a bacterial love song for people who love quorum sensing and biofilms)

I’m gonna make you react (proteases get kinky)

Fickle finger of fate (with epigenetics and a little luck, you, too, could be a queen)

Hymenoptera (knowing your insect orders could save you a little pain)

Sunburn (UV radiation is always a risk)

G-M-O ROCK (A utopian fantasy about the best possible outcomes of human genetic modification)

Joss Paper (thermodynamics goes supernatural in this song about combustion and ancestor worship)

We’re a Science Band

Covers and Modified Covers:

Bed of Fossils

(to tune of “Lake of Fire” Meat Puppets/Nirvana)

I Know the World is Round

(to the tune of “I want you around” Ramones)

The Tide Is High

(modified Blondie – actually about tides!)

Time Warp (Rocky Horror)

Amoeba (The Adolescents)

Placebo Effect (Souxsie and the Banshees)

Search and Destroy (The Stooges)

Human Fly (The Cramps)

Clones (Alice Cooper)