The Science:

Many types of solar radiation filter through our atmosphere and reach the surface of the earth. Visible light is lovely, but ultraviolet light is higher energy and can damage molecules like DNA. DNA damage often comes in the form of thymine dimer formation, when two neighboring “Ts” bind together. When cells replicate, mutations can occur in DNA at the dimer sites. If these mutations are in genes that regulate how often a cell divides (oncogenes), the mutation can cause cancer. Don’t forget the sunblock, y’all!


The Lyrics:

It was a sunny day in early June

I’d been spending too much time alone in my room

I went outside so I could catch some rays

Laid down in my hammock and fell into a daze


Ooh, I’ve never felt quite so at peace

Feel that sun coming through the leaves


I closed my eyes and heard a bird sing a tune

Before I knew it it was late afternoon

My eyes popped open, things were not the same

I was screaming out in pain


And it’s a SUNBURN! When will I learn?

That UV light is wrecking my eyesight

I fried my DNA, I hope I’ll be OK

I swear I’ll never do it again


Sunburn baby, I’ve been out all day

Sunburn baby, It’s the price I pay


If I go out again I swear I’ll set a timer

But for now my DNA is full of thymine dimers

I hope I didn’t activate an oncogene

Why didn’t I wear sunscreen???