The Science: Genetically modified organisms (or GMOs) are living things that have been engineered to contain (or lack) genes that do cool things.  Some bacteria have been genetically modified to produce insulin, a hormone that is important for treating people who suffer from diabetes.  Rice has been genetically modified to produce beta-carotene, which is converted to vitamin A.  Almost 200 million children in the world suffer from vitamin A deficiency, and eating this rice could help prevent them from going blind.  Even animals have been genetically modified, including many strains of lab mice that are used for cancer and autoimmune disease research.   What if people could be genetically modified?  How would you like to have the gene that could make you run fast, calculate math problems in your head or have perfect pitch?  This song is a hypothetical song about creating GMO humans that have “the rock gene”.  Wouldn’t it be cool if everyone rocked?!?!?

The Lyrics:

You think you’ve got it but you don’t

You keep on trying but you won’t

It takes genetics, it’s not luck!

You keep on playing but your band still sucks



What if we all had the rock gene?

What if we all sang in tune?

What if the world had the rock gene?

Rock and roll for me and you!


You get your genes from mom and dad

And they’re both rockers, aren’t you glad?

But the chances are as high as 1 in 4

That you WON’T rock and that’s a chance you can’t ignore!