The Science:  Entropy is a measure of disorder in a system and it increases over time.  It is kind of like if you walk a bunch of kindergarteners out to the playground in a straight line and then let them loose.  They get disordered quickly (and it takes a lot of energy to get them back in line!).  Understanding entropy is essential for understanding chemistry, but in this song we make it easy….Entropy is ATOMIC ANARCHY! ROCK AND ROLL!!!


The Lyrics:

Why are you always trying to organize things?

Can’t you understand simple entropy?

Why put order, where it’s not meant to be?

You can’t control atoms, and you can’t control me

Entropy: atomic anarchy (x 4)


Entropy versus thermal energy

My second favorite topic after pleiotropy

I don’t want order, I don’t want synchrony

I just want entropy to proceed

Entropy: atomic anarchy (x 4)


Make like a cow and ruminate with me

Help those microbes set the sugars free

Gases expand, and smells they flow

Lose control, let entropy go

Entropy: atomic anarchy (x 4)


Little plastic balls…..watch them scatter as they fall (ad nauseum)

Twist and shout

Move all about

Lose control

This is atomic rock and roll


Sing along with me: Entropy

Shout it on out: Atomic Anarchy